Feeding Horses Made Simple

Feeding horses?
At times it can be overwhelming.
At H&Co we’re passionate about helping you tread this path simply, cost effectively and healthily for your beloved horses.
I’m going to share with you what I’ve learnt from nutritionists and some very experienced and knowledgable people in the past four or so years after having health issues with our own horses.

***So the foundation of horse nutrition is grass, hay, salt and mineral mix. Then feed for the issues in your grasses is mycotoxins and oxalates. Then add premixed feeds if necessary for work etc and other great preventative health and health tonic supplements ***

Mineral mix because horses are now confined to smaller paddocks where they can’t get all the minerals they need. We use and highly recommend Equine Vit and min, one of the best, if not the best one on the market. You can also get pasture analysis and get a mineral mix targeted specifically for your property.

Salt is a very important and a cheap addition for your horses health. Two tablespoons per day is recommended, more if it’s very hot and/or your horse is working hard.

Always get these foundations right or you can be plugging holes all over the place with feet issues, behavioural issues etc with all the variety of supplements/calmers etc targeted for these. But if you get your foundations right this will solve a lot of these problems and the extras won’t be necessary. If not, then you can add the necessary supplement.

So once you have your foundations in place, you need to feed for the issues in your grasses, the main ones in our area and in a lot of other pastures in Australia are oxalates (which bind magnesium and calcium and can cause big head disease) and mycotoxins (caused by moulds and they deplete minerals from your horse).
You feed a calcium and magnesium supplement to counter oxalates and a quality toxin binder to remove mycotoxins. If you have both oxalates and mycotoxins, as we do in our pasture, you are on a fast track to big head and very ill health unless you feed to counter them.

Here is a link to a post we did on oxalates and mycotoxins, and pictures of relevant grasses to assist you in identifying them.

So these are your necessary foundations for a healthy horse.
There are also many good supplements for improved and preventative health.
Some include
-Turmeric, a powerful anti inflammatory, great for arthritis, sarcoids and ulcers.
– magnesium oxide for overall health, calming and good hoof health
– apple cider vinegar
– CEN oil (linseed oil) powerful anti inflammatory and great cool energy
And numerous others.

Then there are numerous commercial feeds, depending on your horses work needs etc.
We are happy to chat with you anytime about your horses nutrition and health. We will endeavour to help you and your horse and if we don’t know we’ll try and find out (we have numerous nutritionists, herbalists and other experts on quick dial) or refer you where necessary.

We stock all of these products as they’re what we feed our own horses. We post Australia wide.
Please pop in for a chat sometime, phone us on 0424 667 393, or message us if you’d like to discuss or you have questions.

Noela Dickinson

Do You Need a Toxin Binder

toxin binder

toxin binder
If your horses are on pasture/feed, weeds or clovers affected by mycotoxins from moulds they maybe suffering and exhibiting all sorts of symptoms which can include:

  • Itch
  • Sores
  • Scabby white noses
  • Nasty behaviour
  • Spooky behaviour
  • Spaced out
  • Dull coarse coat
  • Failure to thrive
  • Wasted topline showing ribs but big grass belly
  • Staggers/string halt
  • Head flicking
  • Unexplained Changed behaviour
  • Unexplained cough/choke
  • Digestive issues/colic
  • Persistent greasy heal/rainscald
  • Reproductive issues

Mycotoxins deplete minerals from your horse and lower immunity, affect liver and kidneys, and may leave them susceptible to secondary and compromised immunity issues. They affect all horses differently so it maybe hard to put your finger on.

There’s a simple, effective, safe, rapid fix.. Toxin binder. Which will remove these toxins from your horse through the manure.  We stock a quality toxin binder containing mycosorbA by equitec, and MycosorbA (the most effective toxin binder with 20yrs of research behind it)

It’s a powder so fed with hard feed preferably daily at rate of 10-50gms (1-5tbs) per day. You should see results fairly quickly. The toxin binder adheres to the toxins and removes them via the manure daily as they ingest them from the grass or feed. If one or two horses are showing obvious signs best to feed them all as the others will be affected in different ways and can cause kidney and liver and neurological issues. Every horse is affected differently.

It’s necessary to continue feeding While the toxins are there. It removes the toxins ingested for about a 24hr period. So generally is necessary in summer, Spring and Autumn, maybe less in winter. You’ll be able to tell because if you stop feeding the symptoms will return within a few days.

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