Vet Gold

Following the success of HOOF GOLDTM and increasing demand from Veterinarians, Farriers and clients we embarked on producing our next generation of formulas. 

We are proud to announce the release of our two new patent formulations, BONE GOLDTM and COAT GOLDTM in both the Equine and Canine presentations. Our Formulas have been granted Innovative Patents by the Australian Patent Office as they present as totally unique in the market and are clearly differentiated from all other supplements.

Our new products have been produced with the same attention to detail with the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients manufactured in an Australian APVMA CLASS 2 registered and certified Laboratory.

Unlike most other supplements made in feed barns or pet food factories, this guarantees the quality and quantity of each ingredient in all our products.

VET GOLDTM products are made in the same laboratories as many Veterinary Pharmaceuticals with the highest quality control standards in the Australian Veterinary industry.

Our products are developed with specialist bio-engineers focused on ensuring maximising product effectiveness balancing ingredient ratios and particle sizes to optimise physiological uptake, digestibility and stability.

Extensive research and development in conjunction with clinical testing and observation by Veterinary Surgeons on clinical equine and canine cases is conducted on all our products.

Dr Watts has lectured at Equine Veterinary Association meetings, at the University of Queensland and runs regular remedial Equine podiatry workshops in conjunction with Veterinary colleagues and Farriers in addition to running a busy clinical Equine Practice.

VET GOLDTM is a family owned Australian business that takes pride in all our product range with comprehensive personal support with any questions answered directly by Dr Andrew Watts and his stoic knowledgeable partner Mel Watts.

Vet Gold

Hoof Gold

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Vet Gold

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Vet Gold

Coat Gold

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