Aimee Wood is an eventer currently competing at EvA95 and hoping to move up to CCN1* this year and qualify to join the Equestrian Queensland Junior development squad.

In the last 12 months Aimee has won two EA ODE’s at EvA80 and placed second in her most recent ODE at BEC in the EvA95.She achieved the title of Qld State Champion for eventing in the under 21 EvA80 class at TEG last year.

When Aimee is not eventing, she participates in select Show Jumping and Dressage events. Sherecently  came 7th at the SEG EA show jumping in the 110-120cm class sponsored by Horse and Co and scored a fantastic 77.2% at the FTP development weekend with an Olympic level Judge.

Aimee currently competes with her horse Melman but hopes to bring her horse Abu back to competing by the end of the year. Her objectives for the next 12 months are to move up to 1* in Eventing and to coach more people,