Arabella Eagles is a 16 year old rider from Camp Mountain Queensland. She is an active member of the Samford Golden Valley Pony Club and of the Ferny Grove State High School equestrian team. 

In 2019 Arabella was lucky enough to be invited to travel overseas with Pony Club Australia to a riding school in China, where  in and won their annual games’ competition.

Arabella currently competes in novice dressage and 80cm eventing on her warmblood mare Chance. At the moment she is focusing on dressage and is hoping to get my first taste of elementary towards the end of the year. Eventing wise she aims to move up to 95/1* mid next year once she feels her dressage is the best it can be .

In the last 12 months Arabella won the Interschool Queensland State Pre-Introductory Eventing on a whopping 74%, She also came 2nd in Interschool Queensland State 80cm Combined Training and 3rd in the Secondary Preliminary Dressage. When moving up to novice, Chance and Arabella also managed to take out Zone 1 Novice Champion, Glennie School Novice Champion, Fairholme College Novice Champion and SGVPC Novice Champion!

Arabella's goals for the upcoming your include

  • Finish top 5 at Pony Club State Dressage, Combined Training and Eventing
  • Finish on the state team for dressage at pony club states (wining the class)
  • Qualify for interschool nationals in Dressage and Eventing (top 4 at State)
  • Top 5 at the Australian Young Rider Dressage Championships
  • Compete in Victoria at the Pony Club Australia National Champs… Go QLD!
  • Bronze Dressage Rider Medal (already done!)