Bug Buster Hoof Disinfectant - Topical treatment for Thrush, White Line Disease and Seedy Toe

50ml 'no spill' bottle - dripper top for easy mess free application.

An antimicrobial preparation for the treatment of all infections of the non-living hoof (wall, sole, frog, central and lateral sulci) of equines.

Hoof capsule infections are often described as 'Thrush', 'Whiteline Disease' or 'Seedy Toe' but are usually caused by a combination of common groups of anaerobic bacteria that invade existing faults in the hoof material.

These faults are frequently difficult to eliminate without 'Bug Buster' as the non-living material has no immune response.

The long term answer to these faults once the infection is eliminated, is to maintain good hoof care and a suitable environment. Cracks and separations should be eliminated by regular correct trimming.

After cleaning the affected area thoroughly, Bug Buster can be applied once per week as required - made by Hoofworks Australia.

Water, Ethyl Alchohol, water, Gentian Violet <4%, PVP Iodine <2% and formalin <2%

Do not use Bug Buster on open wounds or as a wound dressing