• Removable insole for additional comfort.
• Made from specially formulated 'Thermoplastic Elastomer' for greater shock absorption.
• Simply cut the pattern to your Simple boot size.
• For temporary use with your Simple Boots.
• Sold as a pair.
• Removable insole for greater comfort
• Easy to cut and fit to your horse's boots
• For temporary use with all Cavallo Hoof Boot styles
• To suit Sizes 0-6. One Size Master Shape engraved with each size
• Provides excellent shock absorption
• Minimises fatigue
• Slightly tightens the fit of looser boots
• Provides sole, bar and frog stimulation

• An excellent addition to the protection of Cavallo Hoof Boots. The Enhanced Protection Gel Pad is firm enough to allow hoof mechanism to work, yet soft enough to add extra cushion for your horse's hooves.