Traditional Bluestone Putty is made in Broke in the beautiful Hunter Valley, with locally sourced products.

We have added natural beeswax to help the healing process and naturally nourishes the hoof, keeping it in the desired moisture level, as well as having a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, while the copper sulphate is absorbed further into the hoof wall to treat the nasty bugs that are hard to get to.

For the treatment of hoof ailments of bacterial and fungal infection including thrush and seedy toe, also suitable as a drawing agent for hoof abscesses, powerful disinfectant for use on equine hooves. Please be aware the hoof will be stained blue for a few days once the bluestone has been absorbed, as it penetrates the affected area and treats on a deeper level.


1. Clean affected area thoroughly of debris and foreign matter.

2. Take the desired amount pf putty and soften between fingers till is pliable to mold into the affected area of the hoof

3. Apply putty and pack the area till completely full and blend the putty to the hoof area till the area is completely sealed. (this will keep out any other nasties while the putty is at work) 4. Reapply every 4-5 days to the affected area till its cleared up, then reapply as needed. Use as part of a regular treatment plan of trimming and correct hoof care. Consult your farrier and or vet if the area is severe.


WARNING Wear gloves to apply. Do not ingest. Wash our hands thoroughly after applying.  Keep away from dogs and cats as this product appeals to some as edible.