This saddle range was designed by Marsh Carney, master saddler and horseman from Scone, NSW. A traditional 'half-breed' design with important innovations and design improvements. These are the injection moulded polypropylene tree which provides great strength and allows the saddle to fit very closely to the horse and the newly developed SECU fabric which looks like leather but is stronger and much easier to look after. The seat is designed to give a more centred position to suit the recreational rider as well as the stockman. Although the Ezy Ride saddle was extensively tested by working stock-men who spend many hours in the saddle each day, we have found that the largest market is actually for leisure riders, inexperienced riders and persons who have to ride young or unreliable horses. The broad, flat panels make this saddle extremely comfortable for the horse as it distributes the riders’ weight over a larger area and the relatively light weight of the saddle (under 7 kg bare) has also found it admirers among endurance riders. Size: Size 2 which is 17” (or 13.5” in the Fender saddle measurement) And there are two models : the synthetic suede version in colours black or brown, and the leather version. The Ezyride Synthetic Saddle Size 2 is able to be adjusted to fit your horse by our specialist fitters. A range of specially designed accessories, in particular the correct felt saddle pad and the no-chafe girths are also available.