Your horse will SHINE from the inside out on Gut Health.

Gut Health + is a hypoallergenic, GMO free, easily digestible, raw, plant-based superfood!

Gut Health+ works to support the gut and naturally facilitate intestinal regulation. The unique soluble and insoluble fibre in hemp promotes the growth of good bacteria in the guts microbiome. It also provides the necessary digestive enzymes, for optimal nutritional absorption. Nutrition is closely linked to immunity and immune function.

Incorporating Gut Health+ into your horses feed can provide a much-needed boost to their immune systems. Hemp seeds are unique in that they promote the production of short chain fatty acids in the colon via fermentation, which promotes a colon of healthy bacteria.

Gut Health+ is ideal for all modern horses particularly beneficial for horses suspected of hind gut issues, use of antibiotics and bute, parasites, scouring, leaky gut poor manure, flatulence, poor condition and colic


 + Stabilise Hindgut pH Levels

+ Assist with Gastric Ulcers & Reduce Inflammation in the GI Tract

+ Regulate & Maintain Optimal Nutritional Absorption

+ Natural Digestive Enzymes

+ Increase Good Bacteria in Microbiome