America's Acres SOA+ ITCH Be Gone™ Bar Soap   

Stops the itching and rubbing cycle associated with iinsect bites, skin disorders, allergic reactions and other irritations.  Very Effective Anti-Pruitus (itch) from Serum Biting Insects, Culicoides (“no-see-ums”), Allergic Reaction, Inflammation, Parasitic Infestations, Mosquitoes, Tick, Flea, Spider & Mite Bites, Hot Spots, Sweet Itch and more.          

  • Immediately stops the itch
  • SOA + Bar Soap Penetrates deep into the treatment area.
  • Stops Pruritus & Rubbing Cycle 
  • Soothes Sensitive Skin & Softens for a Quick Recovery
  • Formulated to Draw and Dry Affected Skin Areas
Item Specifications:
For use on Horses, Dogs and All Animals.
Sulfur based soap with all natural proprietary formula
For Extreme Skin Conditions: 
Apply the SOA as a lather or paste and leave on for 12 to 24 hours or overnight. Then wash off and repeat as need everyday till the skin condition clears up.

Preventative Application:  
Apply to problem area or the whole animal once or twice a week.